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Arvoesine v1.2 (by Alastair John Jack)

Arvoesine этo аркадная мини игра в стиле ретро. Вы доблестный римский легионер, уничтожающий на собственном пути всё что движется, ловко от этого уворачиваясь. Крошите врагов в роли римского солдата на 5 уровнях!

A challenging action game where you play as a roman soldier. The game has 5 stages.
Soundtrack by Ben "Pgil" Pettengill.

• 1.1: Fixed some annoying bugs with enemies movement (no more walking through walls) - thanks to Andrew Sum
• 1.1: Should run better on slower computers or if framerate drops
• 1.1: Bosses on stage 2/3/5 have been altered
• 1.1: Some objects weren't being destroyed at times
• 1.1: Less health in blue mode now
• 1.1: Fixed a health HUD issue
• 1.2: Added: Easy option in config, adds 4 to your health at the start of a level (less score though)
• 1.2: Changed: Profiles and highscore lists will show different scores depending on if you're playing red or blue mode.
• 1.2: Changed: Score items are easier to suck in.
• 1.2: Fixed: Time would continue to count down for a few seconds after final boss had been killed.
• 1.2: Some minor changes to level 2

System requirements:
• Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
• 800 MHz
• 256 MB RAM
• Размер: 3,25 MB

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