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CAM Development Print Designer GOLD v10.0.0.0

Print Designer GOLD - программа для создания визиток. Быстро. Удобно. Качественно. Множество готовых шаблонов (если лень делать самому). Возможность подбора фона, оформления, размера и типа шрифта и т.д. Имеется режим автозаполнения. Сохраняет и поддерживает данные нескольких пользователей. При распечатке страниц дает возможность обозначить линии для последующей разрезки. Есть возможность сохранения созданной визитки в отдельный графический файл.

Наверно многие помнят аналогичную программу под названием Business Card Designer Plus. Print Designer GOLD отличается от последней наличием нескольких дополнительных мастеров, поддерживающих Базу Данных и значительно увеличивающих возможности программы при печати и создании новых визиток.

One powerful product for all your business card and label making needs! It's business card software, label software & more, all in one package. Print Designer GOLD makes quick work of designing and printing great looking business cards, address labels, mailing labels, shipping labels, CD labels, envelopes, postcards, name badges, signs and virtually any other type of label or card. Includes support for Text, CSV, Excel, Access, DBase, Paradox and many other databases, plus can read Outlook contacts directly. This label program does it all. Easy to use for beginners, yet powerful and flexible enough for experts.

Key Benefits:
• Get Going Fast: Use the Design Wizard to create a great looking custom business card or label from hundreds of included business card templates and label templates in literally seconds. View Tutorial
• Save Money: Why pay a printer to print your business cards each time you run out or change your contact information. For less then the cost of one order of business cards you can design and print all the business cards you will ever need, making as many changes as you want.
• Support for Any database: Link your business cards or labels to one of the built in personal databases, Text, CSV, Excel, Access, DBase, Paradox database or any external database through ADO or ODBC. View Tutorial
• Support for Any Card or Label Stock: Design US size, metric size or custom size business cards, post cards, labels, envelopes, badges, signs and more.
• Thousands of pre-defined backgrounds, textures and clipart images: In addition, all common image formats are supported so you can use your own pictures, logos and clipart to design the perfect custom business card for you. You can even scan pictures from a scanner or a digital camera directly into your design with our business card software.
• Support for all Styles of Business Cards: Standard Wide, Tall, Double Sided, Photo Quality, Folded and CD-R Business Cards. You name it and this business card software can handle it.
• Linked Pictures: Use the Linked Picture tool to add a graphic that is different on each card or label you print. Pull the file names from a database or specify a list. Perfect for Photo ID cards or Badges.
• Print it Yourself or Have it Printed Professionally: You can print your business card on your computer's printer and achieve excellent results or you can save your business card as an image and take it to your local print shop to have your custom business card printed professionally.
• Custom Printing Options: With our business card software you can print any number of business cards starting at any position on the sheet on any Windows compatible printer using our business card printing software.
• Rich Text: Mix fonts, styles and colors of text within a single rich text object.
• Graphic Effects: Crop, mirror, flip, rotate, negative, noise, gamma, etc. Even give a graphic a transparent background with our business card software. View Tutorial
• Useful Shape Tools: Draw lines, rectangles, triangles, ellipses, diamonds and more. Use blending to make the background semi-transparent, blending into whatever is behind the shape.
• Text Effects: Our business card software lets you draw spiral, radial, arc and variable size text. Change the font, size, color, style, shadow rotation and blending. You can even display text as a barcode, an auto-increment counter or the current date and/or time.
• Gradient and Texture Fills with Alpha Blending: Use a gradient or select a texture or image to fill text and shape objects to create outstanding custom business cards. Alpha Blending allows you to blend the gradient or texture into whatever is behind it.
• Store Business Card Information for Multiple Employees: The built-in Personal Database to store information for multiple cards so printing cards for employees is a breeze.
• Affordable: Design as many labels and business cards and print as many copies as you want for a $49.95 US one time license charge. You can't beat our software!

New in V10.0.0.0
This is a major upgrade that includes a lot of user requested changes, Windows Vista/7 support tweaks, an a bunch of new features and improvements. The major changes are detailed below.

• General Improvements
- Transparent gif + png support for graphic objects and backgrounds
- JPEG internal format for backgrounds when JPEG is used (HUGE file size savings)
- Object Library to store commonly used objects, including all styles, colors and other settings
- Intelli-Align for better print alignment even with thick label and business card stock
- You can now delete saved custom templates and backgrounds from within the program
- Improved Print Options screen is easier to use
- Mirror printout option
- Updated toolbars/panels for compatibility with new Windows version (Win 7 +)
- Added support for .jpeg, .tiff file extension (same as jpg, tif formats)
- Other usability improvements

• Database Support Improvements
- You can now specify a database field to specify how many times an element prints
- Support for Excel .xlsx files in the Linked Database Wizard
- Better handling of Excel numeric data (Microsoft driver bugs workarounds)

• Bug Fixes
- Rich Text Object were not saved in graphic when using Save As Graphic
- With edge bleeding turned on all objects were stretched slightly
- Finish button in Build Field Wizard did not save filter/sort settings unless Next was clicked

Home Page: www.camdevelopment.com
Size: 14.81 MB

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